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Posted by osbstaff | 07 August 2017 | Character

ONE Softball is here to bring you insights from experienced coaches, players, and other influencers from all corners of the game. We have the largest collection of college coaches, top professional and former college players, and youth coaches at the top of their game in our back pocket so that ONE Softball can be in your back pocket as you navigate the youth softball world and the path to college.

We asked the ONE Softball Think Tank of college coaches a simple question.

If you could tell youth softball parents one thing, what would it be?

As you might imagine, we got a lot of responses on many topics, but you might be surprised that there was also a lot of consistency in the things they talked about. In analyzing all of the responses to this simple question, the top four WORDS noted were

  1. Daughter
  2. Kid
  3. Play
  4. Game

These were all mentioned at least twice as often as some other words you hear a lot, like:

  1. Money
  2. Scholarship
  3. College
  4. Skill

Over and over the college coaches–and this includes many that you see play on TV, all of whom are invested in winning and excited about pushing teams and players–noted similar themes like,

“Let your kids have some fun and learn the fundamentals first.”

“Be your child’s biggest supporter, encourager, and fan. Let them know they are loved whether they win or lose.”

“Be a parent and let the coaches coach your daughter. Teach them about being more determined to earn playing time, be a better teammate, and not think only of themselves.

The coaches also wanted us to pass along that you should:

  • Stress academics first
  • Know the difference between the college divisions
  • Understand the recruiting rules
  • Be smart about hiring coaches for your kids
  • Be pleasant in the stands
  • Be understanding of your young daughter no matter what!

We know that there are so many things to think about as you parent a performing child! There are real pressures on parents and ONE Softball hopes to be an oasis of information for your family.

Look for us to address many of the specific points that the Think Tank hopes to help parents understand from their perspective. Meanwhile, they want you to pay attention to the KID, the DAUGHTER first, and allow her to PLAY the GAME.

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