Common Myths: Hitting – Stay Back and Be Fast

Posted by osbstaff | 17 September 2017 | Technical

ONE Softball knows that there is so much information out there, from live clinics as well as online. There is also a lot of word of mouth coaching that gets passed from one group to another like a game of telephone. Not all of the phrases we hear are actually indicative of what the best players do, feel, and say. We are here to talk you through some common myths. Here we talk about a typical hitting phrase:

MYTH: “Keep your weight back and drive it!”

This is a common refrain among some youth coaches when trying to get a young player not to lunge at a pitch or in the case where the player seems to be starting to swing too early and then slowing down her movements. These are real problems, but “stay back and be fast” is not the answer.

FACT: Great hitters make their decision to swing as they are striding or coming forward, in their positive move. This allows for gradual acceleration of the barrel which in turn allows a player to adjust to speed and location.

Help kids understand the sequence of a load or negative move, leading into their positive move. Rather than “waiting” and then “swinging”, the gradual acceleration of the barrel will allow the player to swing on time and with power.

Experiment with different phrases and ask the player what she feels as you work to coach good timing and decision-making in a swing.

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