The Future Is Here… Let’s Not Forget the F Word!

Posted by osbstaff | 27 January 2020 | Competition,Technical

If you are at all a part of the social media space you have certainly seen the on-going continuation of biomechanical advancements and discoveries our sport continues to make in all aspects of the game; hitting, pitching, throwing, and movement flexibility and stability etc. Organizations like ONBASEU are leading the way in this sphere, helping bring softball to the next level of assessment. These advancements continue to help grow our game and understanding of development at all levels of play from tee-ball to the Olympic stage. As we continue to gather more data and get a better grasp on best practices for collecting and implementing performance data and biomechanical standards, we must not forget to keep FUN at the forefront of what our sport is about!

It’s easy to put “fun” on the backburner with all this new and exciting information coming out that will undoubtedly change the entire face of our sport. But what we can’t forget in the midst of all the commotion is the reason these girls started playing in the first place… to have FUN!

With that said, it is difficult at all levels of our game to maintain a healthy balance of incorporating new and exciting performance data and biomechanical advancements while also keeping the atmosphere fun and inviting for athletes. So how do we keep these two aspects in balance now that the future is here? Our team here at ONE Softball commits to providing you a series of solutions that will help you integrate the new aspects of our game while keeping things fun for your athletes! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for ideas and solutions because the future is here…. and ONE Softball is here to help get you ready and relevant!

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