How Did They Get So Good? Champions Pay Attention to These Three Simple Things

Posted by osbstaff | 11 March 2017 | Character,Experts & Champions

The ONE Softball think tank polled the greatest performers in Softball to find out what sets them apart from ordinary players. We learned that the truth is it’s not just the hours training and on the field that matter. They all emphasize personal behaviors and skills that have nothing to do with athleticism. We’re sharing some insights we gained from studying the highest performers.

Understanding your level of personal excellence, and controlling how you Think, Speak and Act is central as you work to maximize your level of performance. These critical areas of individual preparation can and must be learned and practiced. ONE Softball will teach you ways to increase your awareness and performance by focusing in on how you THINK, SPEAK and ACT.

Everyone can benefit from learning more about, and paying attention to one’s thoughts, words and behaviors. How you think greatly impacts your self-confidence and ability to handle challenges; how you speak and interact with others is a key to being a great teammate and impacting others; and how you act demonstrates your leadership and commitment. Together these three things help you to create a path to become a more efficient and effective person, family member, teammate and performer.

Be Like the Best

Being a better player is directly related to being a better person and teammate. Like the best in the world, focusing your attention of these characteristics can lead to greater success. The way we treat others is a critical part of being a great teammate and player, and excelling in this behavior should be practiced just as you practice your technical skills. The Competitive Character Blueprint will help guide you with language that may be familiar, but isn’t always the central point of team discussions. It will focus on confidence, discipline, and respect, as well as soft skills such as loyalty, love, and unselfishness.

High performers have mastered how they Think, Speak and Act. “The best” have mastered consistency in these areas, over time, and continue to work on specific skills to be at their best every day. You can learn to understand your strong, as well as, weak internal and external voices that represent how you act. Breaking down and listening to these voices will lead to a long term positive legacy.

We can all work on our own skills, and strive to be high performers. That requires consistent focus on how we Think, Speak and Act on good and bad days. Welcome to ONE Softball.


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