High Level Throwing: Flex Bar Twist Drill #1

Posted by austin-wasserman | 02 February 2018 | Experts & Champions,Technical

High Level Throwing owner and expert Austin Wasserman shows us a great pre-work and pre-throwing exercise to get those important small muscles that stabilize the wrist and elbow prepped and ready to withstand the forces of throwing. This exercise helps strengthen the hand, wrist and forearm and the musculature that surrounds and protects the elbow joint.

Republished with permission from highlevelthrowing.com

Austin Wasserman
About The Author

Austin Wasserman

Austin Wasserman is the owner and founder of Wasserman Strength, LLC and HighLevelThrowing.com. He is a performance Coach, author, and consultant to youth, travel, high school, and college softball players and coaches, including top level college and travel programs across the country. Find more information at www.highlevelthrowing.com.

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