High Level Throwing: Super Slow Motion Shows Arm Action

Posted by austin-wasserman | 16 February 2018 | Experts & Champions,Technical

High Level Throwing super slow-mo video shows what’s really happening in a throw. This high-speed video clip displays how the arm moves through the throwing zone to ball release. Although arm pathways and release points will certainly be different, this is a great example of how the arm actually works at a high output. You will see the shoulder and forearm turn inwards (thumbs down movement) as the ball is being release. This helps protect the elbow joint during a throw!

Republished with permission from highlevelthrowing.com

Austin Wasserman
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Austin Wasserman

Austin Wasserman is the owner and founder of Wasserman Strength, LLC and HighLevelThrowing.com. He is a performance Coach, author, and consultant to youth, travel, high school, and college softball players and coaches, including top level college and travel programs across the country. Find more information at www.highlevelthrowing.com.

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