Keep the FUN in Softball’s Future!

Posted by osbstaff | 04 February 2020 | Competition,Technical

We promised some fun and exciting ideas and activities to keep your softballers engaged in the learning and development process! Below you can find a few ways to keep the FUN in softball skill development!

“SELFIE-ASSES”: Use video feedback as a tool and let your athletes analyze it themselves first. This is fun for them because it gives them ownership of their development and an outside look at their biomechanical development. Then keep videos to make a compilation of their success over time to show them how far they’ve come! Plus, this is something they can do on their own time and in their individual/solo training!

“Move and Shake”: Make movement FUN! We all know that movement assessments are a new accepted standard right now in informing the way we should train our athletes, so why not make movement fun?! Like an obstacle course, or a relay race with props, or Simon Says? All of these are games that can help us as coaches assess and improve an athlete’s movement patterns.

“Data Driven Tools”: Using products like BLAST and HitTrax or Rapsodo are fun ways to inform your athletes of some of their performance data, but it’s important that they know it is not all about the numbers and data! Take time to talk to them about how numbers are there to just help guide are training, it is not an indicator of how hard you work or how successful you will be on the field! It is simply a tools to help us get better. Once they understand that they are more likely to buy in and see improvements in their data numbers.

“Albumtastic/Photo Fun”- Tell players to go to their photos and pick a picture that makes them smile. Be prepared to play for that person today and explain to the team why you picked that pic and the people in it! Ask two to explain in beginning of practice and two to explain after practice or games. Then ask players to text those peeps and tell them the story!

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