Patty Gasso: Who Is Her Biggest Influencer?

Posted by osbstaff | 19 February 2017 | Character,Experts & Champions

Coach Patty Gasso, National Champion and one of the most successful coaches in our sport, gave us an inside look into her success story. In our discussion, she talked about her biggest influencer growing up, what she learned from her, and how she learned to lead as a young girl.

All of us have a parent or role model that has had a big influence on us. For Coach Gasso that is unquestionably her Mom, a single mother of three. From her, Coach Gasso learned the value of hard work. She learned by example that there is always a way to get something done. Even if you’re having a bad day or you’re tired, you can always find a way.

Parents: What are the traits you model that you want your daughter to pick up on? Have a discussion with her today about what she’s learning from you!

Players: Who is your biggest influence? What are you learning from them? Take some time today to thank them for those lessons, and to talk about what you’re learning.

Coach Gasso also told us about her journey of becoming a leader as a young girl. While waiting for her Mom to get home from work, she went to the local park and would play outside for hours with her friends. In Coach Gasso’s words, “the park was my babysitter.” It was at that park with no coaches or parents telling her what to do that Coach Gasso learned how to lead others, how to pick teams, how to make up the rules for the games.

Coaches: What can you do today to “uncoach” a portion of your practice? How can you allow your players to step up, learn how to lead, and grow as people? Consider letting them coach the bases, take the lead on drills, or call defenses. Have fun allowing them to have fun. Breathe easier!


  • Three time national champion at Oklahoma
  • NFCA Hall-of-Famer

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