High Level Throwing: Water Bottle Drill Short Arm Action

Posted by austin-wasserman | 15 June 2018 | Experts & Champions,Technical

ONE Softball is committed to bringing you technical information that is factual and modeled by what the best players actually do. We will periodically bring you short videos that show throwing biomechanics, drills, and tips.

Short arm action just means the time it takes for the ball to be released. You may see some infielders and catchers display this type of pathway style because they need to train for quick throws, keeping the arm angle tight as the arm works back into load. Your focus should be on hearing and feeling the water shift in the bottle as you make your simulated throw, keeping the water bottle close to the shoulder as you rotate to throw. This will help minimize the arm shape and make a tighter, quicker and more efficient throw!

Republished with permission from highlevelthrowing.com

Austin Wasserman
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Austin Wasserman

Austin Wasserman is the owner and founder of Wasserman Strength, LLC and HighLevelThrowing.com. He is a performance Coach, author, and consultant to youth, travel, high school, and college softball players and coaches, including top level college and travel programs across the country. Find more information at www.highlevelthrowing.com.

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