Paying Attention in the Parking Lot and Beyond

Posted by sue | 21 February 2018 | Experts & Champions,Path To College

There’s a lot more happening than the game between the lines, and the action after the umpire says “play ball!”. Just as players and parents are looking around for and at college coaches at showcase games, coaches are watching and listening to the behaviors of players and parents, and how they interact with each other.

In the parking lot, during warmups, at the concession stand, in the bleachers and even in the dugout, the words and tone that is spoken to teammates, fans, coaches and umpires, is on display to all, including college coaches.

Pay attention to your words, body language and actions and work to be your best self at all times.


Sue Enquist
About The Author

Sue Enquist

Former UCLA head coach and 11-time National Champion, Sue Enquist, is the owner of ONE Softball, LLC. Enquist’s 27-year coaching career coupled with her playing career instilled in her a passion for the game that she still has today. In addition to ONE Softball, Enquist is the owner of Bruwin Enterprises and Champions Festival, LLC and has been inducted into six Hall of Fames including UCLA, the USA Softball Hall of Fame and the National Fastpitch Coaches Association. Daughter of a chemical engineer and World War II veteran and a nurse, she has a passion for surfing daily and helping the softball community be the best it can be.

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