Common Myth: The Most Important Part of My Changeup is Speed

Posted by osbstaff | 13 November 2017 | Technical

MYTH: It’s the change in speed that’s most important to an effective changeup.

Changeups are meant to fool batters. True! Yes, you need your change up to be a change of speed.

However, if you have to slow down your body to get that difference in speed you might as well just tell the batter that a change up is on the way before you step on the mound. It’s never good for the pitcher to have a batter knowing a changeup is coming.

FACT: Deception is the key to a great change up. Your difference in speed is going to be more effective in messing with a batter’s timing if they don’t know its coming. Pitchers need to make sure their motion, grip, and stride don’t alert the change up to the batter.

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