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Posted by osbstaff | 12 March 2017 | Path To College,Technical

Have you ever wondered:

  • How do you know how good the best players are?
  • How good is an average player at a particular level?
  • How exceptional are the great ones?
  • Where might I fit in in college softball?

These are some basic questions that do not have simple answers. There is a lot of confusion out there, and ONE Softball is working to help give softball families information that might help. The the path to college as well as the path to improvement as a player before then can be aided by knowing who you are as a player.

Derek and Joanne Allister, owners of OnDeck Softball and supporters of thousands of young softball players, are also parents of successful softball-playing daughters who navigated the very journey that many families are involved in today. ONE Softball views them and OnDeck Softball as one of the trusted sources for both data as well as a model with their experience.

The phrase “you can manage what you can measure” holds true in softball. Identify your strengths and your weaknesses and make plans to work on both that include tracking and measuring progress. Knowing where you stand relative to your age group is a great place to start.

OnDeck Measurements provides data on college players. They also have tracked the progress of more than 20,000 youth athletes. Click on the charts to unlock the data on players from junior high to college. The college chart breaks down all players by type of hitter and gives you averages for six standard physical tests. The youth chart will show you the averages for the tests by high school year.

Use this information to compare yourself or your players to other youth players around the country, and to set goals for improvement and performance using the college data. Note that the OnDeck Measurement tests are all done with electronic testing, something you should investigate for your own tracking (and definitely a question you should ask if you are paying for combine testing) in order to both have the best information and have it be of value to a college coach if you are sharing the data.

Know who you are as a player now and set goals for the future. You can manage what you can measure.

ONE Softball Staff
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ONE Softball Staff

The ONE Softball editorial staff has decades of success in coaching and business. Coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences, the founders share one common goal: to help the softball community come together. We are excited to provide crucial resources for players, parents and coaches to succeed at every level.

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